Issues and objectives

COSFAC SAS provides strong support to individuals and entrepreneurs for the achievement of their commercial and financial objectives, to interact in Business on an international scale, to facilitate the operations of general services for individuals and companies, factoring and credit-Lease.

They needed a website that presented their activities and services.

  • open and update job offers
  • Post news related to their sector
  • Provide online training with a member area for clients.

The Project

We developed a web platform that met all the needs of Cosfac SAS with the following functionalities:

– Unlimited professional emails

– Responsive site for all screens

– News blog

– Online ad manager

– Job manager, display and manage job offers

– Online training module, text training, video.

– Paid training e-commerce

– Setting up a newsletter with alerts of recent publications for subscribers

– Auto responder

– Usage statistics and orientation in digital Marketing